Jumatano, 2 Januari 2013


Askofu Dickson Kaganga akiwa na mama askofu

Dickson D. Kaganga 
Hello FB friends I wish you a Happy New Year. Yesterday at CCC we learnt six spiritual principles from the book of Nehemiah. Theme was: The Joy of fulfilling your Dreams: Six principles are

1. No goals no or less Success: Nehemiah's dream "I shal rebuilt the wall." May be your wall of (life, prayer, relationship, etc) is broken, may God help you to rebuild 2013

2. Dream are born to people who are sensitive to their undesirable present situation. When Nehemiah heard about situation in Jerusalem he says...Neh. 1:4 “When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days I mourned and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven…."

3. Success = Divine effort + Human effort. Setting goals is not giving God an assignment. God is faithful in his side, lets do our part. 

4. Don’t tell everybody your dream: May be Nehemiah was reminded the story of Joseph. When he went to inspect the job in Jerusalem - he didnt call an open air meeting. He shared with mature people

5. Protect your Dream: Your Tobia and sanbalat are not dead in 2012. As you cross to the year 2013, you will find them their. Protect your dreams 

6. Celebrate your dream: My prayer is that you will be celebrating fulfilment of your dreams. Yes they will be challenges but always opportunities will be there. Defeat challenges and use all opportunities wisely.

Happy New Year
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